Hello America the World is Watching


"Hello America, The World is Watching" is a bold new series which documents a film crew's global tour to visit 12 key political figures for candid interviews that explore their views and concerns regarding the possibility of a Trump presidency. This three-part documentary called out the Republican candidate's, now infamous, 10 election promises that have drive his supporters into an isolationist frenzy.

"'Hello America, The World is Watching', asks the free world, who it is, between the two presidential nominees, that our allies trust? And whom do our enemies fear?" explains director, Dave Maxwell. "In the alternate reality in which Donald Trump lives, a world where two plus two rarely equals four, a world where his supporters seem not to care about content or substance, and wait on his every word with an incredible obsession, a world where his political agenda is based on mood swings, and changes hourly, in this contradictory alternate reality where his list of un-workable and insane policies grows longer by the day, we ask the question it it seems Trump avoids the most: How?"

Maxwell has been in the music and film industry for over 25 years. During the early days of his career he spent most of his time directing live concerts and film. Over the last few years, he has taken on more documentary projects and more recently, has focused mostly on geopolitical subject matter. As an immigrant in the United States, he has felt the negative tension brought on by the bigoted, racist agenda of the presidential candidate of Republican party. This has reinforced his dedication to spreading awareness through this documentary series.

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